Jun 092012

A com­mon thing with these bumpers seems to be gal­van­ic cor­ro­sion on the rear of the bumpers where the shock mounts.  As the paint and left­overs from chrome plat­ing were begin­ning to fail, I went ahead and pres­sure washed it well, scraped off what loose bits were still on, and put two coats of Rust-Oleum Pro­fes­sion­al on.  The paint took very well and should insure the bumper lasts a lot longer.  Where the shocks mount will also be coat­ed in some grease just to make sure.  I still need to paint the light wells, but I intend to do that after it is mount­ed.

On one of the back­up lamp wells is dam­aged, though I have cut and bent it back in to a lot bet­ter than it was.  It is not vis­i­ble once ful­ly installed.  …And only now have I noticed I failed to take pic­tures of the unpaint­ed bumper.  Huh.

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