Simple access port enlarger tool for Klann clone coil spring compressor.

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Dec 202011

Parts list:

  • 1 3/4″ Bi Metal Hole Saw
  • 1 7/8″ Bi Metal Hole Saw
  • 2″ #8 or #10 Machine Screw
  • Nut for above screw.


  1. Put smaller hole saw into larger. It should *just* fit.
  2. Work out where to put the screw hole.
  3. Use drill punch to make drilling the curved surface easier.
  4. CAREFULLY drill straight through the whole thing using a drill press.
  5. Insert screw, dab thread lock, screw on nut.
  6. Go drill out the access ports.
  7. Properly degrease and paint the new bare steel surface you just made!


  • Appropriate hole saws can be had dirt cheap on Ebay.
  • If you have thread lock, use it on the nut.
  • Buy hole saws which use the screw in/drive pin type mandrel!
  • Deeper sockets are better.
  • Drill out the hole saws just large enough to tightly insert/screw in the screw to lessen play.
  • While I would have expected appropriate mandrel combination to exist that would allow this combination proper, I was entirely unable to find it.
  • The 1 3/4″ hole saw acts as guide to enlarge the hole to the 1 7/8″ that is required for the spring compressor.
  • It worked great for me on my w123 300td, as did the spring compressor.

I’m terrible at updating this thing.

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Dec 062011

The car is drivable.  I took it in to NTB and got an alignment and the rear tires replaced.  I have the two ‘special’ tools required to screw with parking brakes on their way so as to find out what is going on down there before the next big order.  Parking brakes are priority so that I can get the car inspected.

I’ve also purchased one of the special prechamber carbon reamers and intend to inspect the glow plugs in prep for this next order as well.

Gasket and windshield replacement also make the cut, particularly the gasket.  Thing leaks like a sieve due to damage from age.

I bought and installed the drivers side upper door molding and replaced some bad molding clips about the car.  I have also got a good deal on a new lower molding strip and intend to install it soon.  Things are going well.

I really must take a picture of this thing.