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Sep 162012

The alternator was replaced a bit ago with a refurbished Bosch.  The driver side front brake caliper decided to leak everywhere so both front brake calipers were replaced with refurbished units.  New brake pads as well.  Engine has been running rather terrible, but that seems to have somewhat stopped.  Some of the problem seems to have been caused by a thermostat that didn’t close all the way.  Thermostat has been replaced and engine warms up to proper temperature range now.  When I replaced the thermostat, I flushed out the coolant and then added 12 quarts of ~66% mix of Zerex G-05 coolant.  Still was a little over 1 quart of coolant still somewhere in there, probably in the heater core.  Someday I will do a proper citrus flush, but for now I am at least ready for Winter.

Also cleaned out the bypass filter again.  Just a bit of crap in it this time.  Time to replace the oil filter again as well, I suppose.