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Jun 222012

Replac­ing 1 very failed, 4 wor­ri­some prone-to-cat­a­stroph­ic-fail­ure Auto­lite glow plugs with 5 new Bosch glow plugs.  They come in to NAPA tomor­row morning.

Adjust­ed the 10 valves.  Only 4 of them required adjust­ment, the front three and then the last one if I recall correctly.

Reamed glow plug holes.

Drilling out oil return fit­ting in valve cov­er present­ly.  Good times.


To turn the shaft eas­i­ly, use both the nut on the oil pump and the nut on the shaft with the glow plugs out.  Smooth as can be.



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Jun 172012

Today I rebuilt the aux water pump which was entire­ly locked up, fol­low­ing this guide.  I have removed all the biodiesel crap includ­ing the extra coolant hose plumb­ing.  Bypass oil fil­ter will be mount­ed tomor­row after I pick up a right angle to elim­i­nate some hose strain and a cou­ple of bolts.  I also installed a 1amp fuse on the water pump that should do quite nice­ly to keep the cli­mate con­trol from catch­ing fire in case of pump fail­ure.  There was also a thing that was bro­ken.  I fixed it.  While I pre­sume it to pos­si­bly be the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor, I am not sure.  It is fixed now.

The plan is:

Mon­day: Fin­ish bypass oil fil­ter instal­la­tion.  Drain oil entire­ly from pan and block.  Replace oil fil­ter.  Fill with new oil.  Replace under-car shifter bush­ing.  Mount bumper, cleaned reverse lights.  Adjust valves, clean precham­ber, purge injectors.

Tues­day: Com­plete any Mon­day holdovers.  Replace turn sig­nals, rein­stall head­lights.  Drain coolant.  Vac­u­um test for leaks.  Shoot leaks in the face.  Flush coolant lines.  Cit­ric flush coolant lines.

Wednes­day:  Seal leak caused by pre­vi­ous own­er’s idio­cy in the back.  Remove bat­tery, hunt down and fix leak in front.  Dri­ve in to get wind­shield replaced.  Replace shifter bush­ings, install 12v plugs.

Thurs­day: Drain pow­er steer­ing flu­id ful­ly, replace fil­ter, refill with pow­er steer­ing flu­id.  Drain trans­mis­sion and torque con­vert­er flu­id, replace trans­mis­sion fil­ter, replace trans­mis­sion seal, refill with trans­mis­sion flu­id.  Com­plete cit­ric flush.  Flush coolant lines with hose, drain.  Flush coolant lines with dis­tilled water, test for leaks, drain.  Fill with coolant/distilled water mix.

Fri­day: Fin­ish Thurs­day holdovers, pre­pare for broth­er’s engage­ment party.

Sat­ur­day: Engage­ment party.

Sun­day: Pack the things.  Pack all the things.

Mon­day: Sleep late.  Prob­a­bly evening departure.

That is the gen­er­al idea of the plan, at least.

And back on the ground.

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Jun 132012

Get­ting the emer­gency brakes bal­anced prop­er­ly was a pain in the butt.  Rear end is done save for putting on the rear bumper.  Now it is all front end.


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Jun 122012

I got the dif­fer­en­tial remount­ed, tight­ened, and filled with fan­cy Amsoil gear oil.  The pas­sen­ger emer­gency brake replace­ment is now installed, but I need to read­just them.

Door Check

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Jun 092012

Rear pas­sen­ger side door check was replaced with part pur­chased from a guy part­ing out a wag­on.  Same guy I got the bumper from.  I failed to get pic­tures.  Meh.

The Work Area

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Jun 092012

Just some pic­tures of where I’ve parked and set­up the work area.  Works out FAR bet­ter than the dri­ve­way, all that shade and breeze and such.


The rebooted half axle.

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Jun 092012

Here are pic­tures of the reboots.  The door­man boots are a bit small for it.  My instal­la­tion leaks.  I regret not hav­ing bought new ones from the start. 😛

The New Bumper

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Jun 092012

A com­mon thing with these bumpers seems to be gal­van­ic cor­ro­sion on the rear of the bumpers where the shock mounts.  As the paint and left­overs from chrome plat­ing were begin­ning to fail, I went ahead and pres­sure washed it well, scraped off what loose bits were still on, and put two coats of Rust-Oleum Pro­fes­sion­al on.  The paint took very well and should insure the bumper lasts a lot longer.  Where the shocks mount will also be coat­ed in some grease just to make sure.  I still need to paint the light wells, but I intend to do that after it is mounted.

On one of the back­up lamp wells is dam­aged, though I have cut and bent it back in to a lot bet­ter than it was.  It is not vis­i­ble once ful­ly installed.  …And only now have I noticed I failed to take pic­tures of the unpaint­ed bumper.  Huh.

Broken Bumper

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Jun 092012

Went ahead and took a cou­ple shots of why I felt the need to replace the bumper.

Shaft tube thingamahbobbers.

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Jun 092012

One of these things is not like the oth­er, one of these things is too damn long.  Replace­ment shafts include one that is too long for rea­sons I do not know.  The pre­vi­ous own­er used one of these so now I have to cut one down and clean it up so the shaft is prop­er­ly fit.