The End

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Jun 122017

If you are just now arriving here, be aware that the car was sold some time ago.  While I learned a great deal from this project, it was time it was ended.


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Sep 162012

The alternator was replaced a bit ago with a refurbished Bosch.  The driver side front brake caliper decided to leak everywhere so both front brake calipers were replaced with refurbished units.  New brake pads as well.  Engine has been running rather terrible, but that seems to have somewhat stopped.  Some of the problem seems to have been caused by a thermostat that didn’t close all the way.  Thermostat has been replaced and engine warms up to proper temperature range now.  When I replaced the thermostat, I flushed out the coolant and then added 12 quarts of ~66% mix of Zerex G-05 coolant.  Still was a little over 1 quart of coolant still somewhere in there, probably in the heater core.  Someday I will do a proper citrus flush, but for now I am at least ready for Winter.

Also cleaned out the bypass filter again.  Just a bit of crap in it this time.  Time to replace the oil filter again as well, I suppose.

Gunky engine is gunky.

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Jul 172012

After the ~2500 miles of travel, I got around to cleaning out the bypass filter.  It was entirely full.  The oil filter will need changing something fierce, I suspect.

Made it to Canada.

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Jul 052012

Burned nearly 10 gallons of oil for 2500 miles.  I strongly suspect the fancy oil cleaned out gunk that was keeping things sealed.  Alternator also snuffed it and I ran on battery for a couple days.



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Jun 222012

Replacing 1 very failed, 4 worrisome prone-to-catastrophic-failure Autolite glow plugs with 5 new Bosch glow plugs.  They come in to NAPA tomorrow morning.

Adjusted the 10 valves.  Only 4 of them required adjustment, the front three and then the last one if I recall correctly.

Reamed glow plug holes.

Drilling out oil return fitting in valve cover presently.  Good times.


To turn the shaft easily, use both the nut on the oil pump and the nut on the shaft with the glow plugs out.  Smooth as can be.



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Jun 172012

Today I rebuilt the aux water pump which was entirely locked up, following this guide.  I have removed all the biodiesel crap including the extra coolant hose plumbing.  Bypass oil filter will be mounted tomorrow after I pick up a right angle to eliminate some hose strain and a couple of bolts.  I also installed a 1amp fuse on the water pump that should do quite nicely to keep the climate control from catching fire in case of pump failure.  There was also a thing that was broken.  I fixed it.  While I presume it to possibly be the temperature sensor, I am not sure.  It is fixed now.

The plan is:

Monday: Finish bypass oil filter installation.  Drain oil entirely from pan and block.  Replace oil filter.  Fill with new oil.  Replace under-car shifter bushing.  Mount bumper, cleaned reverse lights.  Adjust valves, clean prechamber, purge injectors.

Tuesday: Complete any Monday holdovers.  Replace turn signals, reinstall headlights.  Drain coolant.  Vacuum test for leaks.  Shoot leaks in the face.  Flush coolant lines.  Citric flush coolant lines.

Wednesday:  Seal leak caused by previous owner’s idiocy in the back.  Remove battery, hunt down and fix leak in front.  Drive in to get windshield replaced.  Replace shifter bushings, install 12v plugs.

Thursday: Drain power steering fluid fully, replace filter, refill with power steering fluid.  Drain transmission and torque converter fluid, replace transmission filter, replace transmission seal, refill with transmission fluid.  Complete citric flush.  Flush coolant lines with hose, drain.  Flush coolant lines with distilled water, test for leaks, drain.  Fill with coolant/distilled water mix.

Friday: Finish Thursday holdovers, prepare for brother’s engagement party.

Saturday: Engagement party.

Sunday: Pack the things.  Pack all the things.

Monday: Sleep late.  Probably evening departure.

That is the general idea of the plan, at least.

And back on the ground.

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Jun 132012

Getting the emergency brakes balanced properly was a pain in the butt.  Rear end is done save for putting on the rear bumper.  Now it is all front end.


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Jun 122012

I got the differential remounted, tightened, and filled with fancy Amsoil gear oil.  The passenger emergency brake replacement is now installed, but I need to readjust them.

Door Check

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Jun 092012

Rear passenger side door check was replaced with part purchased from a guy parting out a wagon.  Same guy I got the bumper from.  I failed to get pictures.  Meh.

The Work Area

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Jun 092012

Just some pictures of where I’ve parked and setup the work area.  Works out FAR better than the driveway, all that shade and breeze and such.