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Nov 212011

Driver side is done.

Center link by Febi had bad rubber for the boots.  Failed already at 0 miles.  Known problem, apparently.  AutoPartsWay wants me to pay to ship it back to them, will not offer exchange.  Nice.

I have purchased a proper OEM Lemforder part from another dealer.  Very much regret I failed to find these Lemforder parts earlier as I just know the left and right links have heaven in their eyes already.

Passenger side has a day of work and it is good to go.  Going to wait on the new center link to arrive so I can pop it all out.  Then the fun of working on a drivable car begins!  Wee.

Slow progress.

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Nov 032011

I’ve not been doing much to the vehicle. I’ve not taken apart the passenger side, center linkage all done, driver side half done. After buying a $200 special tool to compress these obnoxious coil springs, I ran into the problem of the tool removal hole being slightly too small for the MUCH cheaper generic alternative. After a lot of attempts to drill or punch the hole properly with the right tools, it turns out that in this case, the cheap hack was the most effective. Take a 1 7/8″ bi-metal hole saw, stick a 1 3/4″ hole saw into it, bolt it together as far up as you can with a 2″ #8 screw, use thread locker.