Front Suspension Parts Incoming

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Apr 272011

Went with the bet­ter qual­i­ty parts, going ahead and replac­ing every­thing rather than try­ing to cheat.  The orig­i­nal fair­ly cheap repair just got anoth­er $901.62 tossed into the pit.  Should last me a good long while though at least.

Head­rests are installed, but I must rein­stall the seats now.

Oth­er work to be done:

  1. Repair loose alter­na­tor.
  2. Change/check fluids/filters.
  3. Rein­stall seats.
  4. Tight­en shifter.
  5. Check/replace glow plugs.
  6. Win­dow Tint Remove (Replace?)


Pictures from seller.

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Apr 222011

I still haven’t tak­en many pic­tures.  Here are the images from the orig­i­nal sell­er.