Battery Disconnect

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May 172012

I installed a bat­tery dis­con­nect with fused bypass.  Not an over­ly pro­duc­tive day, sad­ly, but I at least got some­thing done.

Cement Blocks Bought

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May 162012

Decid­ing against get­ting crushed by a car, I decid­ed to opt for stur­dy cement blocks to chock the wheels with as well as sit the jack stands on.

Hood pad installed.

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May 162012

Went a lot eas­i­er then was promised on the ‘net.  Who knew?


Vise Stand

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May 122012

For upcom­ing CV boot replace­ment (and such) I need­ed a vise.  As our vise has gone miss­ing (how the hell one man­ages to lose a 40lb chunk of met­al I do not know), I picked one up cheap at Har­bor Freight.  Today I con­struct­ed the stand for it.  Good times.  …And yes, that wood glue is severe­ly expired.

And also…

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May 122012

Cleaned out and cut open the drain cov­er in the front wheel well to help pre­vent clog­ging.  Bizarre design choice to make it as they did.Cut drain end.

Work Resumes

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May 122012

Wag­on project is ful­ly fund­ed and under way.  So far, the night­mare of remov­ing lay­ers of hood pad glue is what has been accom­plished.  The 3M adhe­sive remover was not near­ly strong enough, though a lit­tle over half a gal­lon of Goof Off turned out to be.  It prob­a­bly dam­aged the paint and the put­ty knife cer­tain­ly left some scratch­es, now touched up with my old truck­’s touch up paint.  Two days and it is all final­ly off though.