Battery Disconnect

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May 172012

I installed a battery disconnect with fused bypass.  Not an overly productive day, sadly, but I at least got something done.

Cement Blocks Bought

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May 162012

Deciding against getting crushed by a car, I decided to opt for sturdy cement blocks to chock the wheels with as well as sit the jack stands on.

Hood pad installed.

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May 162012

Went a lot easier then was promised on the ‘net.  Who knew?


Vise Stand

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May 122012

For upcoming CV boot replacement (and such) I needed a vise.  As our vise has gone missing (how the hell one manages to lose a 40lb chunk of metal I do not know), I picked one up cheap at Harbor Freight.  Today I constructed the stand for it.  Good times.  …And yes, that wood glue is severely expired.

And also…

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May 122012

Cleaned out and cut open the drain cover in the front wheel well to help prevent clogging.  Bizarre design choice to make it as they did.Cut drain end.

Work Resumes

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May 122012

Wagon project is fully funded and under way.  So far, the nightmare of removing layers of hood pad glue is what has been accomplished.  The 3M adhesive remover was not nearly strong enough, though a little over half a gallon of Goof Off turned out to be.  It probably damaged the paint and the putty knife certainly left some scratches, now touched up with my old truck’s touch up paint.  Two days and it is all finally off though.