Jun 172012

Today I rebuilt the aux water pump which was entire­ly locked up, fol­low­ing this guide.  I have removed all the biodiesel crap includ­ing the extra coolant hose plumb­ing.  Bypass oil fil­ter will be mount­ed tomor­row after I pick up a right angle to elim­i­nate some hose strain and a cou­ple of bolts.  I also installed a 1amp fuse on the water pump that should do quite nice­ly to keep the cli­mate con­trol from catch­ing fire in case of pump fail­ure.  There was also a thing that was bro­ken.  I fixed it.  While I pre­sume it to pos­si­bly be the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor, I am not sure.  It is fixed now.

The plan is:

Mon­day: Fin­ish bypass oil fil­ter instal­la­tion.  Drain oil entire­ly from pan and block.  Replace oil fil­ter.  Fill with new oil.  Replace under-car shifter bush­ing.  Mount bumper, cleaned reverse lights.  Adjust valves, clean precham­ber, purge injec­tors.

Tues­day: Com­plete any Mon­day holdovers.  Replace turn sig­nals, rein­stall head­lights.  Drain coolant.  Vac­u­um test for leaks.  Shoot leaks in the face.  Flush coolant lines.  Cit­ric flush coolant lines.

Wednes­day:  Seal leak caused by pre­vi­ous owner’s idio­cy in the back.  Remove bat­tery, hunt down and fix leak in front.  Dri­ve in to get wind­shield replaced.  Replace shifter bush­ings, install 12v plugs.

Thurs­day: Drain pow­er steer­ing flu­id ful­ly, replace fil­ter, refill with pow­er steer­ing flu­id.  Drain trans­mis­sion and torque con­vert­er flu­id, replace trans­mis­sion fil­ter, replace trans­mis­sion seal, refill with trans­mis­sion flu­id.  Com­plete cit­ric flush.  Flush coolant lines with hose, drain.  Flush coolant lines with dis­tilled water, test for leaks, drain.  Fill with coolant/distilled water mix.

Fri­day: Fin­ish Thurs­day holdovers, pre­pare for brother’s engage­ment par­ty.

Sat­ur­day: Engage­ment par­ty.

Sun­day: Pack the things.  Pack all the things.

Mon­day: Sleep late.  Prob­a­bly evening depar­ture.

That is the gen­er­al idea of the plan, at least.

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