Jun 172012

Today I rebuilt the aux water pump which was entirely locked up, following this guide.  I have removed all the biodiesel crap including the extra coolant hose plumbing.  Bypass oil filter will be mounted tomorrow after I pick up a right angle to eliminate some hose strain and a couple of bolts.  I also installed a 1amp fuse on the water pump that should do quite nicely to keep the climate control from catching fire in case of pump failure.  There was also a thing that was broken.  I fixed it.  While I presume it to possibly be the temperature sensor, I am not sure.  It is fixed now.

The plan is:

Monday: Finish bypass oil filter installation.  Drain oil entirely from pan and block.  Replace oil filter.  Fill with new oil.  Replace under-car shifter bushing.  Mount bumper, cleaned reverse lights.  Adjust valves, clean prechamber, purge injectors.

Tuesday: Complete any Monday holdovers.  Replace turn signals, reinstall headlights.  Drain coolant.  Vacuum test for leaks.  Shoot leaks in the face.  Flush coolant lines.  Citric flush coolant lines.

Wednesday:  Seal leak caused by previous owner’s idiocy in the back.  Remove battery, hunt down and fix leak in front.  Drive in to get windshield replaced.  Replace shifter bushings, install 12v plugs.

Thursday: Drain power steering fluid fully, replace filter, refill with power steering fluid.  Drain transmission and torque converter fluid, replace transmission filter, replace transmission seal, refill with transmission fluid.  Complete citric flush.  Flush coolant lines with hose, drain.  Flush coolant lines with distilled water, test for leaks, drain.  Fill with coolant/distilled water mix.

Friday: Finish Thursday holdovers, prepare for brother’s engagement party.

Saturday: Engagement party.

Sunday: Pack the things.  Pack all the things.

Monday: Sleep late.  Probably evening departure.

That is the general idea of the plan, at least.

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