Nov 032011

I’ve not been doing much to the vehi­cle. I’ve not tak­en apart the pas­sen­ger side, cen­ter link­age all done, dri­ver side half done. After buy­ing a $200 spe­cial tool to com­press these obnox­ious coil springs, I ran into the prob­lem of the tool removal hole being slight­ly too small for the MUCH cheap­er gener­ic alter­na­tive. After a lot of attempts to drill or punch the hole prop­er­ly with the right tools, it turns out that in this case, the cheap hack was the most effec­tive. Take a 1 7/8″ bi-met­al hole saw, stick a 1 3/4″ hole saw into it, bolt it togeth­er as far up as you can with a 2″ #8 screw, use thread lock­er.

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