The rebooted half axle.

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Jun 092012

Here are pic­tures of the reboots.  The door­man boots are a bit small for it.  My instal­la­tion leaks.  I regret not hav­ing bought new ones from the start. 😛

The New Bumper

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Jun 092012

A com­mon thing with these bumpers seems to be gal­van­ic cor­ro­sion on the rear of the bumpers where the shock mounts.  As the paint and left­overs from chrome plat­ing were begin­ning to fail, I went ahead and pres­sure washed it well, scraped off what loose bits were still on, and put two coats of Rust-Oleum Pro­fes­sion­al on.  The paint took very well and should insure the bumper lasts a lot longer.  Where the shocks mount will also be coat­ed in some grease just to make sure.  I still need to paint the light wells, but I intend to do that after it is mount­ed.

On one of the back­up lamp wells is dam­aged, though I have cut and bent it back in to a lot bet­ter than it was.  It is not vis­i­ble once ful­ly installed.  …And only now have I noticed I failed to take pic­tures of the unpaint­ed bumper.  Huh.

Broken Bumper

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Jun 092012

Went ahead and took a cou­ple shots of why I felt the need to replace the bumper.

Shaft tube thingamahbobbers.

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Jun 092012

One of these things is not like the oth­er, one of these things is too damn long.  Replace­ment shafts include one that is too long for rea­sons I do not know.  The pre­vi­ous own­er used one of these so now I have to cut one down and clean it up so the shaft is prop­er­ly fit.

Fuel Sender

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Jun 092012

The fuel gauge was no longer accu­rate.  This is a known issue with vehi­cles some yahoo ran nasty biodiesel through.  Removed it, dis­man­tled it, cleaned it, re-sol­dered a wire that popped off, reassem­bled, rein­stalled.  Huz­zah.  Should work fine now.  I didn’t take pic­tures of it cleaned due to not want­i­ng my cam­era to be cov­ered in diesel. 😛


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Jun 052012

Don’t reboot the CV joint.  Not worth the time and trou­ble of doing it right.  Replace the thing and have done with it.  If you have a parts clean­er filled with a 50/50 diesel/mineral spir­its mix and you love spray­ing sol­vent all over the place, knock your­self out.


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Jun 032012

Last of the sig­nif­i­cant orders are in.  Both half axles are off the car, get­ting cleaned up (CV grease does *not* want to clean off).  Took the destroyed rear bumper off the car, got the replace­ment cleaned up.   For sake of ‘bet­ter now than lat­er’, I am going to repaint the inside for pro­tec­tion against cor­ro­sion.  Where the steel and alu­minum touch on the replace­ment bumper is … best paint­ed.  And prob­a­bly greased up for good mea­sure.  Either way, things progress.

Battery Disconnect

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May 172012

I installed a bat­tery dis­con­nect with fused bypass.  Not an over­ly pro­duc­tive day, sad­ly, but I at least got some­thing done.

Cement Blocks Bought

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May 162012

Decid­ing against get­ting crushed by a car, I decid­ed to opt for stur­dy cement blocks to chock the wheels with as well as sit the jack stands on.

Hood pad installed.

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May 162012

Went a lot eas­i­er then was promised on the ‘net.  Who knew?